Village of Muir

Village of Muir

Ionia County, MI

Utilities & Billing

Water Billing Procedures

  • Residential and Commercial accounts are sent a utility bill monthly
  • The bill reflects charges incurred during the last billing period and any outstanding balance
  • The due date is on the 20th of the month
  • 10% Penalty is added to the current unpaid bill the day after the due date
  • If full payment of an outstanding balance is not received by the next billing cycle, a shut–off notice will be mailed 7 days after the billing cycle

The billing cycle starts the last Wednesday of each month.

  • Past Due bills must be paid in full by the date shown on the shut-off notice, or the water service will be shut-off
  • Full payment not received at the Village Office by close of business on the Shut-off notice due date, will result in the water service being shut-off the next business day and a $50 turn on fee will be added to the account.
  • If an account has been shut-off, or the work order for shut-off generated, then all outstanding balances on the account will be due before water will be restored.
  • In the event water service is not restored within 3 days the Village is obligated to contact the health department. Additional fees may apply.

There is a drop box located outside the Village Office. Payments made after business hours are posted the next business day, and are subject to a penalty.

No partial payments or payment plans will be accepted.

Turn-On Policy

Once water service has been shut-off for non-payment, residents or property owner must pay a $50.00 turn on fee and pay any outstanding balance.

Minimum Bill Policy

If a building or home has a water service line, or premises are connected to the water/sewer system, then a minimum bill will be charged monthly, even if the water is off. This is a ready to serve fee. There is no free service.

Delinquent Water Bills Assessed to Property Tax

There will be a $100 administrative fee charged by the Village to submit delinquent water bills to the Ionia County Treasurer. This fee and your delinquent water bill balance will be assessed to your property taxes after 6 months of non-payment.

This policy is in effect all 12 months of the year. There will be no exceptions during the winter months.