Village of Muir

Village of Muir

Ionia County, MI

Facility Growing Marijuana

If you have any complaints about the facility growing marijuana at 228 E Superior St., Muir MI 48860 then contact the representative from the Cannabis Regulatory Agency listed below. Please also file the complaint with the Village of Muir at so that the full council is aware of your concerns. E.J. Johnson Regulation Officer Field Operations […]

Proposed Zoning Ordinance

Click here to view the Summary of Proposed Zoning Ordinance. Click here to view the Proposed Zoning Ordinance

Sewer Notice

Click this link to read more about the Sewer Notice


A company called DOXO has posted themselves as an approved payment method for the Village of Muir. DOXO is NOT associated with the Village of Muir, nor does Muir do business with this company. Please use the approved link from the website which is through REVOPAY